Here is a list of the ten top starting hands in Texas Holdem poker as well as a list of the worst Texas Holdem hands.

Poker Hands: Best and Worse Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

Poker Hands: Best and Worse Starting Hands in Texas HoldemThe basic poker lesson is when to hold and when to fold. Knowing whether your initial deal is worth staying in the game or if you should call it a day, is one of the most important decisions to make at the beginning of the poker game. One of the most common beginners mistakes is holding onto the worst pair of hole cards instead of folding and protecting your money. Therefore, if you are a novice poker player, one of the first things you should memorize is which initial hands are worth holding and which hands leaves you no choice but to fold. Since Texas Holdem is the most popular poker variation, here you can find lists of the best and the worth Holdem poker starting hands. Best Poker HandsIf you are lucky to be dealt one of these initial hands, you are definitely having an excellent beginning:Pair of Aces: as known as American Airlines or pocket rockets, it is the best possible "Texas Holdem" starting hand.Pair of Kings: not as good as a pair of Aces but still an excellent way to open a game of Texas Holdem.Pair of Queens: if you want to look at the bright side, you will be beaten only by Kings and Aces. Ace and King: if they are of the same suit, your condition is even better, since you can form the nut flush at ease.Pair of Jacks: unless the flop shows either a Queen, King or an Ace, you have decent chances of winning with this promising starting hand.Ace and Queen: the same as Ace and King, a suited hand would increase your chances of stepping out as a winner.King and Queen: unless the community cards contain an Ace, you are in a good shape with this starting hand and even better if it is suitedAce and Jack: even if appears unsuited, this starting hand is still worth holding.King and Jack: still one of the best Texas Holdem starting hands, but be careful with it, especially when unsuited.Ace and Ten: the Ace upgrades it to a pretty good hand, although requires a cautious play since it can be beaten by any of the starting hands mentioned above.Worst Poker HandsThese hands would suit you well if you play some of the lowball variations, but if you play traditional Texas Holdem poker, the best advice would be to fold.2 and 7: if you are dealt this hand, especially unsuited, you cannot even make a straight. Even if suited you should be so lucky to form a low flush or the lowest pair. In one word: fold.2 and 8: same as the previous hand; pair of 8s is still a low pair.3 and 7: although it can beat the previous hands, it still a worthless pair of cards3 and 8: again, hardly even a low straight.2 and 6: only if the community cards will feature 3, 4 and 5, you will have a chance of forming a straight. However, do not count on it, especially if there are more than 3 attendances in the game.2 and 9: thanks to the presence of the 9 you are in better shape than with the former hands, still you cannot form a straight and even a pair of 9s would be beaten by pairs of 10s, Jacks, Queens, etc.3 and 9: the same thing: higher than 8 lower than almost any other hand.4 and 9: as mentioned above; foldem.2 and 10: even though Doyle Brunson had won two WSOP bracelets with this starting hand, unless you have the talent and experience of Brunson, do not hold this hand.5 and 9: also known as Dolly Parton, this hand would get you nowhere near the final table.

Vancouver Island Adventure Tours Not Just For The Oldies

Vancouver Island Adventure Tours  Not Just For The Oldies

For those of you searching for a holiday that involves lying on a beach and sipping a margarita, do not read any further, the information ahead will be of no interest to you. For those of you looking for a trip that involves non-stop action, read on and learn about an island, which in my opinion has been overlooked by adventure travellers for far too long.Vancouver Island, located off the west coast of British Columbia is home to well over 700,000 Canadians. Surrounded by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, the islands mild climate, which is steady throughout the year, makes it an ideal place to visit and retire for older age groups.For decades Vancouver Island has been a choice destination for singles, couples and groups of people in the over-50 age category. They come from countries around the world to visit the island; attracted to the relaxed tours that cater to suit their individual needs, the friendly people they meet, which prompt them to return for a second time, and most importantly the beauty of the oceans, rivers, lakes and mountains all of which secure Vancouver Islands uniqueness and separate it from the competition.My issue lies in the fact that only a portion of the international travelling community recognizes Vancouver Island (V.I.) as a place to be visited in their lifetime. I feel this is happening because it has been popular with a particular age group for a long period of time and younger travellers are failing to notice V.I., not realizing all that it has to offer younger generations.I am really quite shocked that for so many years the island has appealed more to older generations when in fact there are far more activities appealing to those seeking wild adventures than there are activities intended for a slower paced crowd. V.I. alone has well over 300 operators who cater to the recreation and adventure industry. Whether youre looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush of diving off the first legal bungy jumping bridge in North America or swimming 100s of meters below the surface of the emerald sea, in what has been named one of the best cold-diving destinations in the world, V.I. can guarantee you an unforgettable adventure if that is what you are looking for.The website is a perfect example to the plethora of recreational and adventure activities that V.I. has to offer, but for so many years have gone relatively unnoticed. The website operates as an adventure directory to every type of activity offered on the island. Every traveller who visits this site will be overwhelmed by selection. Fishing, hiking, surfing, kayaking, sailing, diving, surfing, skiing, paragliding, horseback riding, wake boarding, caving, mountain biking, rock climbing, you name it, Vancouver Island probably offers it! If you dont believe me, check out VI Adventures for your self, you will not be disappointed.Dont be afraid to get wet, get dirty and experience the ultimate adventure. When booking your next trip consider adding V.I. to your itinerary and allow yourself to experience the wilder side of Canadas west coast. It is an island like no other you will have visited before!Lauren Johnson

New Domestic Tourism Figures

New Domestic Tourism Figures

Changes to the way the data was collected mean that it cannot be compared with previous years, but does enable month on month comparisons beginning with May 2006 data. The data will therefore become far more relevant in driving future marketing and commercial activity by the national tourist boards and partners in the industry.

The key findings of the report follow:

More than 138 million overnight domestic stays were made by UK residents last year.

The 2005 United Kingdom Tourism Survey indicates that domestic visitors spent 22.7 billion an average of 51 per night on trips in their own country.

Data from the UK's four national tourist boards shows that the number of UK residents' domestic trips remains well ahead of the 66.5 million trips taken abroad.

A total of 63% (87 million) were holidays, representing 14.5 billion 64% of spending.

The study found that people are also taking more short breaks. Nearly twice as many holidays of one to three nights (56 million) were taken last year compared with 30 million trips of four or more nights. The information echoes the growing global trend of shorter breaks spread throughout the year, according to VisitBritain.

The latest annual data has been collected by TNS for VisitBritain, VisitScotland, Visit Wales and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board under an improved methodology, which provides more accurate and detailed information.

Face-to-face interviews with 100,000 people were conducted as part of a national omnibus survey with 2,000 people surveyed each week. The results more accurately reflect the demographic characteristics of the UK adult population in terms of gender, age group, social class, working status and, with interviews undertaken in 140 locations throughout the UK, regional distribution, VisitBritain has claimed.

Down Under, the Weathers Fine!

Down Under, the Weathers Fine!

Copyright 2006 Tom DinicFor the traveler thats considering Sydney, one of the main attractions is the moderate weather. Unlike other cities that boast the same thing, Sydney truly delivers on the sunny skies and comfortable conditions.With a location in a basin near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney also features the Blue Mountains ( off to its west. As the largest natural harbor in the world, Sydney also claims over seventy beaches that can be enjoyed by tourists and native Australians. With a similar city size to London, Sydney officials have taken care to preserve a large part of the area within the city limits. The city of Sydney ( has two main regions: the Hornsby Plateau and the Cumberland Plain. The plateau is a distinct feature that is over six hundred feet in elevation and split by valleys of forests. On the other hand, the plain is a flat region that is west and south of the actual harbor. This geography plays a large role in how the actual climate is affected.With the ocean coast, its no wonder that Sydney displays all of the signs of an oceanic climate. However, travelers will want to note that being in the south of the equator means that the seasons are reversed from those countries north of the equator. If youre looking for a warmer month, head out to Sydney in December, January, February or November.The overall rain counts for Sydney's average over the course of the year, with no real rainy season to speak of. The lowest number of rainy days is usually about nine or ten per month, while the highest number of days with rain in a month is generally thirteen. This makes for grand weather that is consistent and easy to plan vacations around.The eastern winds that blow in during the first half of the year allow for slightly higher rainfalls during that time of year, but the difference is not overly noticeable. And dont worry; there isnt any snowfall to ruin any travel plans. The last snowfall recorded in Sydney was in the 1830s.There have been periods of drought in Sydney due to the presence or absence of El Nino, but this is not as prevalent as it once was and the differences are minimal. Bushfires can be seen on one side of the city in these kinds of conditions. Weather patterns that involve cyclones or hail storms are rare and generally not something that needs to cause concern.With the miles of sandy beaches in the Sydney area and the consistently beautiful weather, tourists and residents enjoy an extraordinary amount of fair weather, allowing for snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and other water sports in the harbor and out in the ocean.If theres one thing that brings the people to Sydney, its the weather. There are few things to ruin your fun filled days, and even less things to worry you as you rest in the warm sun light.

The Kruger National Park

South Africa has dedicated more than three million hectares of its total land mass to the conservation of its natural heritage. You will see a great variety of habitats and wildlife when you visit these amazing sites.The Kruger National Park covers around 2 million hectares and is the largest game reserve in "South Africa" . It is roughly the same size and shape as either Israel or Wales! It covers 20 000 square kilometres and it stretches 350 km from north to south and 60 km from east to west. To the north of the Park is Zimbabwe and to the east is Mozambique. The Kruger National Park will be extended into the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park by taking some fences down between the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. This will then cover more than 36 000 square kilometres and will be larger than Switzerland. In 1896 the rinderpest virus wiped out most of the regions game and cattle, leaving the area crippled. Hunters decimated the originally rich game stock between the Crocodile River in the south, Sabie River in the north, Lebombo Mountains in the east and the Drakensberg in the west. Therefor President Paul Kruger opened the National Park to protect and ensure the survival of the remaining animals. Funds for the Sabie Game Reserve were allocated in 1898, but then war broke out. After the second Boer War, James Stevenson-Hamilton, a Scottish born individual, was appointed the first warden in 1902 and a few months later the area from the Sabi River all the way to the Olifants River was added. He removed all human inhabitants from the reserve and began to shoot all predators in order to protect the antelope herds. By 1905, the Sabi Game Reserve had expanded to include more than 17 000 kilometres. In 1926 the reserve was named after President Paul Kruger and was declared South Africas first National Park. In 1927 the park was opened to the public and they were charged a 1 entry fee. Only a few people came to visit the park during that year, but by 1935 more than 26 000 people passed through the gates. Today more than 1 million people per year visit this magnificent park. Stevenson-Hamilton was very surprised when lions became one of the biggest attractions and he stopped the shooting of predators. The extended Kruger Park was only fenced in for the first time in 1962. On the 31st of May 1972, the Sabie and Shingwedzi reserves together with 70 privately owned farms were consolidated into the Kruger National Park, one of the greatest parks in the whole of Africa. Altogether there is about 1 982 species of plants, 517 species of birds of which 253 are residents and many other animals. Some of them are the African buffalo, African hunting dogs, cheetahs, eland, bushbucks, zebra, black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros, giraffes, kudus, hippopotamus, leopards, lions, impalas, mountain redbucks, nyalas, redbucks, antelopes, sable antelopes, hyenas, elephants, warthogs, waterbucks, wildebeest, baboons, monkeys, duiker, steenbok and klipspringer. There are also 120 species of reptile including the Nile crocodile, 52 species of fish and 35 species of amphibians. The best time for observing all these animals is the dry winter season (during the months of April to September). The Kruger National Park is a summer rainfall area and during the winter months, the grass is low and bushes dont have leaves, so you will have an unobstructed view. It virtually does not rain during the winter months which forces the animals to come to the water holes and six rivers that feed this magnificent Park to drink in the mornings and evening. The animals can easily be watched from the comfort of your car. During the summer months the rain transforms the earth into a lush green haven, a flowering paradise and watching birds during this time is excellent. There are also 130 recorded rock art sites in the park you can go and see while you spot the animals on the way. Make sure to take your malaria tablets though before you visit the Kruger National Park. This is malaria area although it isnt as dominant as in earlier years. Take the necessary precautions by taking tablets, wearing light long sleeved clothing and also protect your ankle area. Read more about malaria before travelling to any malaria destination.

Trailer Vacations

Trailer traveling became popular in the 1920s, when Americans learned and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of traveling by trailer. Today, more and more people explore the joys of a mobile vacation home, looking for perfect trailers for living and utility trailers for their belongings. Today trailers for traveling come in a great number of sizes and personalities to fit every budget and wish list of activities. Keys to enjoying your vacation on wheels are deciding the style of traveling you prefer, recognizing the common trailer issues and knowing how to fix those little bugs. The frame of the trailer, no matter if it is an RV or a utility trailer, needs proper and regular maintenance. Since the trailer frame carries a lot of weight and is constantly wet and dirty while being hit by road debris, it develops a great deal of rust. To prevent it from damaging the trailer, the frame needs to be treated with a rust preventive spray and painted regularly with at least a double coat of paint and primer. When you paint under the trailer, you have a chance to spot some other problems and damaged parts such as damaged floors or parts. You will have to fix these before hitting the road. Using propane needs a lot of care, too. Many fires in trailers start with inadequate handling of propane tanks. To detect a leak of gas from its container, gas detectors are very handy. When you notice the gas smell in the trailer, escape immediately without using the phone or light switches that can ignite the gas. Portable gas containers must be inspected on a regular basis, and kept from rusting with a coat of paint. The gas connections must be also inspected for leaks. To keep your trailer free from unwanted odors, make sure you use enough water to flush, and that a toilet seal is operational. The unpleasant odors may also enter from the roof which is not tight, so if you suffer from odors, make sure you check the roof and the exhaust fan, too. Saving fuel today is one of the most important issues for any traveler. Dont press too hard on the accelerator and try to drive as smoothly as you can. When you need to slow down, let the trailer coast naturally instead of using a brake to slow down. A smooth acceleration may save as much as 10 per cent of fuel down the road. To save fuel, check the plugs which can eat as much as 30 per cent of fuel efficiency, and change the oil and water frequently. New tires will also save you fuel. And finally, dont overload your trailer and clear out the storage areas at least once a year. Last, but not least, check your trailer roof for decays and rust. A leaking roof can lead to eventual damage to the trailer. Most trailer roofs are made of fiberglass or aluminum, and they can be easily cleaned, painted and sealed with silicone, if needed. Keeping your roof clean and dry is essential for overall trailer longevity.


Here is a list of the ten top starting hands in Texas Holdem poker as well as a list of the worst Texas Holdem hands.